KMK Kicks

(KMK Kicks...)

I know this is my first blog post in months. In the time that has passed, I have been painting shoes for friends and calling them, "KMK Kicks." My Korean name is Kwon Kyung-Mee so I switched it around and made it more americanized: Kyung-Mee Kwon and then shortened it to KMK. Anyways. Above are some recent shoes I did for my friends boyfriends birthday. It was my first pair of converse and I recently painted on Vans. Eventually I hope to sell these shoes on Etsy.com but this won't happen till summer when I have more time. School and work take up all my life at the moment. It's nice to catch up on my blog when I have a moment of free time during my spring break. I'll be posting more soon. Thanks for all the support and love!

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