Conquest Gameboard Design

(Conquest Gameboard design for my last years honors modern global class... I made some game pieces too, but I couldn't find them in her class at the time. They look like the characters in the second picture from the top...)
Last year my favorite class was honors modern global not just because I love learning about other cultures, but also because my teacher would make us do projects that were really creative and fun. One of my favorite projects, was creating a game board about the french revolution. I left it there from last year and just remembered about it when one of my friends told me he saw it during class. So I went in today and took some pics so I could remember what it looked like. I remember my group and I spent so long working on it and we only played it for 10 minutes...but the're so many good memories and it was fun hanging with my friends just goofing around and coloring!


Day of Sweden

(Some of my photography at The Swedish Institute in Minneapolis)

Yestarday I went to the Swedish Institute in Minneapolis with my mom,sister, friend, and my friend's mom. The random picure of graffiti was a shot was when I tried taking it before we turned a corner... because I thought it was really cool and colorful looking... The picture does no justice to the real thing. I love going to museums especially if it's a museum of another culture. Learning about other cultures always intrigued me. The lame thing was you couldn't take any pictures in the Swedish museum for insurance reasons. I was really bummed because the're so many beautiful ceilings and wood carvings everywhere in that place!! Every where you turned you'd see some magnificent piece of work. The only place I could take pictures was in their basement. Not as spectacular as the rest of the house by a long shot (except for the coffee shop down there), but I did take some photography of a fireplace down there which was still impressively decorated and the outside of the building.