Speak Out

("Speak Out")
The first thing people say when they see this piece I drew is.. "Ouch...What's wrong with that dudes face?" One of my pieces for my drawing class was this pencil/charcoal sketch of a person trying to speak out and break the barrier of what ever is trying to close his mouth shut. I want the viewer to have a sense of the pain the man's going through. There are many times when others and myself feel like they want to speak out what's going on inside but they can't. I wanted to make him look like he's finally fed up with keeping his mouth shut and is trying to SPEAK. I love expressing how i'm feeling in art and just letting it all out. It can be so relaxing or 'free feeling' sometimes.


Korean With a Pearl Earring

(Painting from my Adv. Painting class 2010...click on the pictures to enlarge to get a closer look.)
I haven't blogged in so long due to lack of motivation, and just the winter weather makes me lazy and tired all the time. So I finally took some pictures today of some pieces. I'll try to post throughout the week. For my painting class, our second painting was to change a classic piece and make it our own. I chose to replace the original girl with a Korean because I wanted them to look the same from a distance, but when you get up close you notice that she's actually Asian!