Who said face painting was just for kids.

I've always thought face painting was a unique form of art. I loved seeing the designs that were painted on the circus performers of cirque du soleil. During the summer my friend Marisa and I wanted to try some face painting of our own. These are some of the designs we created. It
was so much fun that we plan on doing it again with things that involve social issues, or themed. It's still in the rough draft process. I just want to say thank you for those who volunteered their face and took the time to come and help out for our collaboration.

What time is it? Adventure time!

I apologize to my readers. Finally my computer is working! Which means more consistent blog posts. These are some custom painted shoes I designed for my friend Aaron as a graduation gift. He is madly obsessed with this show called adventure time. I watched a few episodes with him and my friend Emily who is also a fanatic. It is absolutely bizarre but hilarious. Throughout the summer I've been designing custom painted shoes and my most recent art project was a wall mural at this little ice cream shop called two scoops. I'll post pictures later. I'm so thankful for the people who had confidence in me doing art for them. Art is something I'm passionate about that I hope to make my career


Sand Art

(Via Youtube: Kseniya Simonova - Sand Animation (Україна має талант/Ukraine's Got Talent)...
One of my art teachers showed my drawing class this video awhile ago but I never get tired of watching it every now and then. It amazes me how a material so simple can create something so meaningful, powerful, and symbolic.


Em's custom painted shoes part 2

(Custom Painted shoes Beatles design for Em...Click to Zoom.)
These were suppose to be a Christmas present for my friend Emily, but I kept putting them off till last minute. This is our last year together before we go our separate ways in the big world. You could say they're a Christmas/Birthday/Graduation present. Yesterday I had this burst of inspiration and got them done finally. She loves anything Beatles so that's what I based them on.



("White Wash" in watered down acrylic...)
Being adopted affects people differently. In my case, I had this feeling of abadonment and in school some kids would say mean things calling me 'white wash,' or 'twinky,' and even 'halfbreed,' which really hurt sometimes. I always have this feeling of not being complete because I've never gone back and I don't know anything about my past. It confused me how just because I was adopted and raised by white parents, I was considered not 'Asian' enough. How I don't know my own language or hangout with all Asians at school makes me white. First of all, I had no choice in the matter what happened and second, I'm proud to be adopted. I'm the best of both worlds.

Bear Necessities

(Pencil sketch of bear...)
I always loose the motivation and never have time to blog. But since there is a massive snow storm outside that has trapped my mom and I inside, this gave me the perfect oppurtunity to write a bit. I really hope it gets warm soon. Mother nature needs to stop throwing curve balls. Anyways, this was a colored pencil sketch I drew for my dad for Christmas. He loves outdoors and nature and since I don't see him much anymore, maybe when he looks at this he'll think of me.