Наша любовь не пройдёт с годами

(Just a few of my aunt's matryoshka dolls)
My aunt passed away recently and we got a lot of her trinkets. She loved to travel and collected things from all over the world. Something I found that intrigued me, were these matryoshka dolls. I went to a Russian museum awhile ago that had an impressive collection and it seemed that my aunt could have started her own museum! She had so many of them, but what I really drew me to them and made me love them, was that each one was different and were all so colorful. I'm sure if my aunt was still here today, there would be a story for each one...one as unique as the other.
(Title: Our love won't disappear for years.)


Panda Power

(Panda cartoon draft)
A panda cartoon sketch I drew about 2 years ago. I just randomly drew it out of my love for panda bears because I believe they're one of the most adorable creatures (especially when they're babies)! Who can ignore such a cute and fluffy face! I was looking at it and thought of making a new version or making an animation, once I have the equipment to do so....and someone to help me since I'm incapable at working technology sometimes. Just an idea. I'll hopefully think up a more original and unique composition idea.


Sticky Notes Film

(via hapanimation from youtube)

This short film was made by Jeff Chiba Sterns. He's the guy who also created the sharpie commercial with all the post it notes that made the words "Marry Me" if you know what I'm even talking about?? Anyways, I was really drawn to this video because I really admire how something so simple as post it notes can create such a unique story. I also love how he put major events in between his everyday to do list. It makes you think twice about all the things happening around you that you don't even realize happens. You can find more of his short films on youtube. Jeff Chiba Sterns people!


Tim Walker Photography

(Tim Walker Photography Via Google)
While searching for photography for my photo/video class I saw pictures from the famous Tim Walker. These are just a few of his photos I loved. I love his style. They're all so whimsical and fun! He knows how to make a perfect combination of bright fun colors with a unique look. Some of his pictures seem busy, but it works and that's what makes it so fabulous! I plan on creating more paintings this year that have more bright colors and a whimsical feel. I'll post the paintings I finish in class soon.


Let The Wild Rumpus Start

(1. My friend busily painting...2. still painting...3. A chair my friend painted earlier of the drawings from the book Herold and the Purple Crayon...4. The chair I was working on based on the book Where the Wild things are...5. Finished product!)

My friends mom commissioned us to snazz up some old chairs for her kindergarten room. So we set out some time, blasted the music, and sat in her garage, painting for hours. Note to self-Bring knee pads while kneeling on a hard cement floor next time! Even though your knees would get sore sometimes, it was still so much fun painting themes from books we grew up with. My friend painted two chairs with Herold and the Purple Crayon, and the other with peanuts. I painted Where the Wild Things Are, and I'm currently working on The Hungry Caterpillar.

Igor Kazarin

(via Igor Kazarin from youtube)

I was looking at artists on youtube and one of my favorite people I found was Igor Kazarin! It's just intriguing watching him create dry brush paintings that look more like photographs than drawings! This year I think I'll try this technique. I'm sure it's very time consuming and difficult but I love to try new things! check out his youtube channel- PortraitDrawing's