Let The Wild Rumpus Start

(1. My friend busily painting...2. still painting...3. A chair my friend painted earlier of the drawings from the book Herold and the Purple Crayon...4. The chair I was working on based on the book Where the Wild things are...5. Finished product!)

My friends mom commissioned us to snazz up some old chairs for her kindergarten room. So we set out some time, blasted the music, and sat in her garage, painting for hours. Note to self-Bring knee pads while kneeling on a hard cement floor next time! Even though your knees would get sore sometimes, it was still so much fun painting themes from books we grew up with. My friend painted two chairs with Herold and the Purple Crayon, and the other with peanuts. I painted Where the Wild Things Are, and I'm currently working on The Hungry Caterpillar.

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