Baby,Vogue, and Crayons! OH MY!

(1. My baby picture...2. woman from a vogue magazine...3. my huge box of crayons!!)
Awhile ago my mom showed me this newspaper article of this artist who did crayon drawings that looked so realistic they looked like photographs! So I decided I wanted to give it a whirl and bring out my inner child. Rumaging through my basement I came across this huge shoe box filled with crayons that had been collected over the years so there were tons! Crayons were never my favorite medium to use because I didn't like how the texture looked...but I'll try to get the hang of it. These are just two of the drawings I finished in the past days. I'll post more crayon drawings later.


Ukulele Drafts

For my birthday this year my wonderful sister bought me a ukulele! I've been wanting one for awhile now. I never get tired of ukulele in songs they're just so fun sounding. I've just been youtubing tutorial videos online to try to help teach me and it's been going pretty good so far but I still need some more practice. While I was playing my ukulele one day I had an idea of painting a design on the back and maybe the front of it. I'm not sure what I'll paint yet so if you have any ideas let me know since I'm so indecisive!


Return of the Froyo

Its been so long since I blogged. That's because my computer broke and my mom and I were incapable of fixing it but luckily her friends from California are over and her friends husband just so happens to be a computer genius! Anyways,Back again at Jack Pine Cafe!! My mom and I were heading up North to my unlces so we figured why not, let's head to Jack Pine Cafe first for some froyo! There was so much construction going on and it was hard to find parking but it was totaly worth it for the yogurt! My new favorite is strawberry with coconut shavings and nuts...and sprinkles and tons of other toppings! AH so much I can't love just one! Dan and Todd you both did such a great job! IT'S YUMMY YUMMY!