("White Wash" in watered down acrylic...)
Being adopted affects people differently. In my case, I had this feeling of abadonment and in school some kids would say mean things calling me 'white wash,' or 'twinky,' and even 'halfbreed,' which really hurt sometimes. I always have this feeling of not being complete because I've never gone back and I don't know anything about my past. It confused me how just because I was adopted and raised by white parents, I was considered not 'Asian' enough. How I don't know my own language or hangout with all Asians at school makes me white. First of all, I had no choice in the matter what happened and second, I'm proud to be adopted. I'm the best of both worlds.

Bear Necessities

(Pencil sketch of bear...)
I always loose the motivation and never have time to blog. But since there is a massive snow storm outside that has trapped my mom and I inside, this gave me the perfect oppurtunity to write a bit. I really hope it gets warm soon. Mother nature needs to stop throwing curve balls. Anyways, this was a colored pencil sketch I drew for my dad for Christmas. He loves outdoors and nature and since I don't see him much anymore, maybe when he looks at this he'll think of me.