("White Wash" in watered down acrylic...)
Being adopted affects people differently. In my case, I had this feeling of abadonment and in school some kids would say mean things calling me 'white wash,' or 'twinky,' and even 'halfbreed,' which really hurt sometimes. I always have this feeling of not being complete because I've never gone back and I don't know anything about my past. It confused me how just because I was adopted and raised by white parents, I was considered not 'Asian' enough. How I don't know my own language or hangout with all Asians at school makes me white. First of all, I had no choice in the matter what happened and second, I'm proud to be adopted. I'm the best of both worlds.


  1. You are the best of both worlds. Love you, cousin.

  2. Thanks Ryan! Love you too! And miss my amazing cousin!!