'Boy Soldier' and 'A New Hope'

(1. Child soldier...2.Unexpected painting for my painting class)
Both of these paintings was for my painting class and they had to be based on something meaningful and unexpected. The first painting was inspired by a book I read in my Honors Modern Global class this year. It was called 'Memoirs of a Boy Soldier,' by Ishmael Beah. His memoir of his life was so amazing and shocking at the same time. I had to do a research paper for school and I chose to base it on child soldiers. The things they told about were horrific and sad. It's so hard to believe how some people can be so cruel and heartless and see how brave and corageous others are in situations you never thought possible...
The second painting is an unexpected painting that I wanted to base on the destruction of the environment from humans (the factorys, the oil filled river, the cut down forest). The spray can with doves coming out is suppose to represent hope. That through our own doing there is still hope to change and make a difference.

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